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 Anxiety  * Phobias  * Stress  * Insomnia  * Motivation  * Self Esteem  * Smoking  * Weight Loss

Substance Abuse  * Compulsions  * Anger Management  * Depression  * Traumatic Memories

School Failure * Marriage Counseling * Parent/Child Problems  * Etc.....

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NLP Behavioral Consultants of NJ Life Coaching and NLP Certification Training was established in 1984. Our associates are Life Coach Experts, Educators, Corporate Trainers and Business Consultants. We are Certified NLP Trainers in the behavioral science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Accelerated Learning. Our commitment is to assist others to achieve their personal and professional goals! 

Through this model, NLP has given us new understanding of what motivates behavior and learning.  This new understanding has led to the development of many new and highly effective techniques which can be implemented to change behavior, improve motivation, enhance learning and resolve inner conflicts.

NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is a unique model of how people think and learn to achieve excellence.

NLP was developed in the mid 70’s and has since reshaped the world of counseling and education.  It is a model of how external sensory input (what we see, hear, and feel) affects our nervous system (neurology).  These external and internal perceptions create our map of the world (our reality), and are reflected in the way we use language.  The ways in which we process sensory input, neurology and language hav a direct influence on our feelings, behaviors, and learning patterns.

Create Personal Change with Personal Life Coach

Discover the powerful, yet gentle approach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to overcome personal and professional limitations. 

NLP is a simple step by step process using the five senses to create safe and comfortable behavioral changes quickly and effectively.

NLP Behavioral Consultants are trained to observe a client's present behavior and to accurately identify limitations. The consultant then assists the client to utilize his/her creative process to produce personal change, resulting in new behaviors which are more beneficial and appropriate.

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