These tools:

Help us better understand the scope and importance of the “Core” issues involved in

the coaching engagement.

Help the individual understand how s/he is perceived by others, and how s/he might

increase her/his effectiveness.

Provide the basis for creating and implementing an “individual coaching plan”.

Provide the basis for measuring the effectiveness of the coaching engagement.

The following conditions are predictors of success in any coaching engagement:

The individual wants to increase his/her flexibility.

The individual understands the importance of increasing his/her flexibility in dealing with management/interpersonal situations.

The individual's manager supports the coaching process, and is willing to provide ongoing coaching after the engagement is completed.

The Human Resources/Personnel manager supports the coaching process, and is willing to help identify and address organizational/personnel core issues which will impact the individual's ability to successfully change his/her behavior.

Individuals don't need to be “fixed”; they need to expand their behavioral flexibility and develop skills in responding to situations.

The individual's current behavior isn't “wrong”; it is appropriate in some context and should be restricted to that context. Success is accomplished through having the flexibility to choose alternative behaviors to use in the appropriate context.

The individual is rarely solely responsible for the “problem”; there are usually systemic/organizational factors which need to be examined and addressed.

Values & Motivational Typology™ is utilized as an objective and scientific approach for doing self-assessment and as a feedback instrument for measuring results.  

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NLPBC Philospohy, Approach and Criteria for Predicting Success

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