Advance Reading Strategies!

Benefits of the Course

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MasterMind Reading  Vs. Speed Reading

Let me begin by saying, "MasterMind Reading is not a speed reading course."

Speed Reading is limited. What you are learning is essentially hastened reading. Instead of reading one word at a time, you are reading phrases or lines... using your conscious mind.

The MasterMind Reading utilizes the Other 95 to 98 Percent of the Mind.

This course is a set of whole brain learning techniques that teaches you to direct the inner mind to accelerate your reading while increasing comprehension. 

MasterMind Reading  ( two day course)       Tuition $575   ($525 if paid in advance)
 (On-site Training Available) 

* Increase Reading Speed    * Increase Comprehension  60 to 90%     * Reduce Stress  

* Improve Memory    * Deeper Appreciation of Reading & Learning

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One of the techniques you will learn is how to create an "unconscious mental history" of printed material at rates exceeding one page per second. This "unconscious mental history" creates a foundation for a deeper level of understanding and leads to faster and thorough comprehension. You can then go through the information quickly and easily, find the key points, and read only what is important.