NLP Behavioral Consultants of NJ

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Business Skill Inventory:

We customize a 360-degree feedback instrument to identify organizational developmental issues.  With the results, we design a high-impact program that will equip management with the capabilities needed to achieve their strategic objectives.

NLP Business Applications

NLP Behavioral Consultants of NJ Executive Coaching

NLP Awareness Center

* Corporate Assessment with Synergistic Strategies

* Executive Coaching and Shadowing

* Management Needs Assessment

* Leadership Development  - Team Building Dynamics
* Relating To Diverse Thinking Styles 

* Communication Styles  -  Reading Body Language

* Promoting Customer Loyalty

* Negotiating Tactics  -Subconscious Selling 

* Accelerated Learning - Learning Styles

* Presentation Skills  - Train The Trainer

Michael Lofrano, CEO

732-276-7500/o  732-684-7910/c

NLP Behavioral Consultants of NJ Executive Coaching is a firm specializing in strategic corporate assessment, executive education and leadership development programs. 

The Company has over thirty years of consulting experience with State and Federal Agencies, Medical Facilities and Fortune 500 companies.    

Each program is designed to enhance interpersonal communication and improve overall performance.